RE Portfolio Optimization™

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95% of companies will miss out on the current recessionary real estate pricing. Not anymore, now that we’ve created REoptimizer®.

REoptimizer® is a breakthrough in portfolio optimization that allows our clients to easily manage all their Commercial Real Estate sites with one, simple tool. The program can easily cut your Real Estate expenses in half, significantly reduce your time invested, see all your real estate costs on one dashboard, compare your portfolio to market conditions, increase collaboration with stakeholders and so much more.

With iOptimizeRealty®’s forward thinking and Don Catalano’s dedicated and unique plan of action, his team of programmers combined their collective powers to produce the World’s First Real Estate Portfolio Optimization Tool. After three years of hard work, it’s finally here and ready for  your own personal use. REoptimizer® is guaranteed to save you 10x on your R.O.I. while providing you with the competitive edge needed to stay ahead.

Improve your EBITDA by cutting waste, see all your sites on an interactive map, benchmark your lease metrics and track all your expenses with just one tool. You can even project expenses for future years and get detailed information on money-saving comps.

REoptimizer® is the one product you need to organize, maintain and manage all your commercial real estate sites with the ease and dependability you expect from iOptimizeRealty®.

iOptimizeRealty® combined with our breakthrough software REoptimizer® means your company is getting the best deals under the highest representation.