As the economy attempts to return to normal, many businesses are looking for office spaces to expand their growing businesses. Moving to a physical office has its benefits. For many, it means an increase in office productivity. For others, having a separate physical indicates professionalism to customers or clients and gives credibility to the business.


1. Evaluate Your Reason

Moving from a home office to a physical office is a huge leap. Sometimes, it can be a huge expense. It is very important to ensure you need a physical office before considering this leap. For small business owners, the essential reason for moving to a physical office should be growth. If your small business has outgrown the home or coworking location, it’s time to move to a commercial office space.


2. Create Room for Growth

One major mistake many first-time business owners make is not factoring in growth. When looking for a new office, it is essential to go for a space that not only accommodates your team right now but also has room for an anticipated short-term and long-term growth.


It is equally important to not take on too much room and have unused space.


3. Sort out the Internet

With dependable and strong internet access, it is hard for small businesses to operate. Many customers are still placing their orders online. Hence, it is important to ensure that the new office space has a high-speed internet connection. This may require ditching old internet subscriptions and finding the best internet access that works best in the new area.


4. Do Not Rely Solely on Listings

It’s very easy to simply Google “office space in city X” and view several listings. However, the information provided in most online listings is fairly inadequate. While listings are a good way to evaluate the market on a high level and know the average lease cost of commercial office spaces in an area, it is important to go directly to the property, especially with a commercial real estate rep, and tour the office space.


5. Avoid Procrastination

When planning to move to physical office space, it is advisable to begin searching for space no later than 6 months before the estimated move-in date. This will allow you to get a good lay of the land, see different spaces, and gauge where the market is. With adequate preparation, you can save thousands of dollars in rent costs.


6. Focus on the Culture

Moving to commercial space is an opportunity to design a workplace that works. One of the things to focus on is the workplace culture. It is essential to set your business apart in the competitive hiring market by focusing on building an office that prioritizes employee health and productivity and is an attractive place for the best employees to work.


7. Work with the Pros

Working with a tenant rep is the easiest way to find the most appropriate office space. Tenant reps focus on the office search and negotiations with the landlord, so you and your team can focus on running your business.


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