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Don't Forget About Parking When Looking to Lease Office Space

When looking to lease new office space, you may be negotiating more than just the office; there are other clauses that will be included in the tenancy agreement. The parking spaces are as essential as the office spaces. If they are not considered in the preliminary stages of the negotiation, they may affect your experience when you finally move in. The following are five helpful tips that will help you in choosing the right parking space when negotiating a commercial office lease.

1. Test Run the Parking Garage

When evaluating the parking garage, do not forget to test run it. Drive your car and check for comfortability and ease of turning. Some parking garages have amazing aesthetics but make terrible parking experiences. When you are checking the office space for the first time, you are likely to be parking your car in the visitors’ parking section. However, visitor parking does not give the exact experience of parking in the garage. It is one thing for your clients and customers to have a convenient entry and exit; it is another thing for you to find it difficult to get out of the office premises.


 If you had to spend an extra 10 or 15minutes navigating your car around the office premises, you may have to include your observation in your overall evaluation of the office space.

2. Ask for Parking Costs

Generally, parking costs are negotiable. This is one type of cost that the landlord is willing to make concessions when you are negotiating your lease. Therefore, it is essential that you negotiate the parking costs early. Depending on the location of the building, parking costs can be a size-able part of your lease costs. In addition to the location factor, the luxury of having a parking structure to protect your employees’ cars may come with a cost. You do not have to remove the essentials of the parking benefits offered by your landlord to cut down costs.Instead, you can make your negotiation more effective to mitigate this cost.

3. Consider the Size of the Parking Space

Regardless of your current company’s size, you should look for a space that accommodates at least twice the currently required garage need of your company’s staff. Not only will the extra space be useful for your customers, but it will also be vital when you are organizing events and external programs.

4. Evaluate the Security of the Garage

 Many times, your employees may decide to work late into the night. When they do, they want to feel safe. Ideally, there will be security cameras at every corner in the parking space. Also, it is good if the parking lot is a busy place.

5. Verify Your Allotted Parking Spaces

Some office buildings have allotted parking spaces for the tenants. While this may be good for your company’s needs, it may not be ideal if space is small. Most leases have a parking ratio which is proportional to the amount of rented space. Depending on the size of your office space, you may have to negotiate for a better parking deal.


Evaluating your parking space is essential to your company’s overall success. If the space is too small or located on the wrong side of the building, it may affect your employees’ productivity.

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