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Top 5 Things CEOs Want From Offices

When you envision the type of office space that the CEO of a major corporation desires, you may picture a lavish space with a luxurious corner office for him or her. In reality, CEOs typically have more practical items on their wish lists for offices. Here are five things that the average CEO wants from an office:

1. Appealing Yet Cost-Effective Offices

CEOs always keep the bottom line in mind. Commercial leases are usually one of the second or third largest cost centers for companies, and with that in mind, CEOs want offices that provide value for the money. A CEO wants to lease the best office possible for the best price. This means that they would rather occupy a simpler office while getting a great deal compared to current market conditions. Generally, CEOs would prefer occupying newer buildings, as they are more likely to be efficient and provide ongoing savings in the form of reduced utility costs.

2. Offices That Support Productivity

Productivity is of the utmost importance to a successful company, making CEOs eager to occupy offices that help employees complete their work accurately and still in a timely manner. This may mean preferring a location that cuts down on commute times or offices with shared spaces that are geared toward the needs of telecommuters. In addition, CEOs often approve of offices that have ample shared work space to encourage collaboration.

3. Offices That Appeal to Employees

Employees are the most important investment that companies make, and CEOs are mindful of this. They want to provide office spaces that will excite applicants, make them eager to accept job offers and be willing to remain with the company for years to come. CEOs want to provide work conditions that are as good as or better than their competitors. Features that are likely to appeal to CEOs include ample lighting and locations that provide easy access to restaurants, stores and service businesses. In addition, CEOs will look out for on-site and en suite amenities that provide something special for employees or encourage a better work-life balance.

4. Offices That Reflect the Brand Image

CEOs understand the importance of a well-established brand. In everything that they do, they are mindful of the corporate culture and what impression the company is making upon employees, customers and the general public. Offices are a physical representation of a company, making it important to CEOs that they match the image of the brand. For example, the CEO of a tech company that prides itself on innovation is more likely to approve of a sleek, modern minimalist space than an ornate traditional one.

5. Offices That Show Concern for Employees and Community

CEOs want to ensure that workers and the general public believe that the company cares. For employees, that means occupying offices that are bright and well climate controlled. Buildings that are eco-friendly or have obtained LEED certification are often appealing, as they show concern for the environment and cut down on workplace illness while offering utilities cost savings.

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