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Blend & Extend During COVID-19

COVID-19's impacts on the economy are affecting most businesses. While there are a few winners, many companies find themselves facing reduced revenues and an uncertain future. Some costs -- like travel and staffing -- can be cut relatively quickly. Others -- like those represented by long-term contracts like real estate leases -- are harder to trim. However, because many landlords understand the challenge that their tenants face -- and don't necessarily want to create a long-term hit to their building for what is hopefully a short-term problem -- a blend-and-extend strategy might allow you to better manage your real estate expenditures.

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The Benefits of Suburban Office Locations

The 2010s were the decade of many things, but one of that decade's biggest trends was the aggrandization of downtowns. This trend made sense. Downtowns have a great deal to offer, especially since most cities saw more "live" and more "play" filling in the live/work/play triangle.  However, in the 2020s as we survey the commercial real estate landscape with a new perspective, we see that downtowns may have overplayed their cards.  More and more people -- and companies -- are rediscovering the benefits of locating their offices outside of the urban core.  If you're considering where to put your business's next office, here are five reasons to include suburban office locations in your mix.

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What Will Office Layouts Look Like After COVID-19?

Businesses developing re-opening plans following COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have many dimensions of employee health to consider, but creating safer offices that reduce the risks of viral spread must be a top priority. Social distancing and increased hand hygiene have been proven to tamp down transmission of the virus, and office layouts can help or hinder these two efforts. Here are some of the changes companies may consider to make their office more conducive to controlling coronavirus outbreaks:

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Best Business Practices for Corporate Tenants During COVID-19

Big changes are already taking place during this pandemic. As companies are striving to keep things going at work, this is the best time to rethink business practices. Evidently, things are not going to be the same again. Many businesses have already closed down while others have seen their cash flow dried up. Companies that strive during pandemics all have the following best practices in common:

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