Drones are for way more than just hobbyists. Today, they are disrupting the commercial real estate market in a big way. More and more companies are reaping the benefits of drone technology to simplify the search process when they're ready to move to new office or warehouse space. So how can drones help you? Here are six ways drones can help commercial real estate tenants make better choices:


1. Getting the Lay of the Land

With drones, it is possible to see exactly where a particular office or warehouse is located from a number of angles. Drones make it possible to capture photographs with camera angles that no human could get on their own, allowing you to feel more immersed in a building's location before you even visit.


2. A Better View

It's difficult to get a feel for how large skyscrapers and sprawling industrial complexes look through standard photography. With aerial capabilities, drones can provide a better overhead view of properties that you're considering, so you can examine the architecture and evaluate how well it reflects your brand image.


3. Exploring the Neighborhood

The surrounding neighborhood is every bit as important as the building itself when you're searching for new office space. After all, you want your employees to have quick access to stores, food and service businesses. Drones can travel down city streets, giving you a private tour of the neighborhood from the comfort of your current office or home.


4. Putting Yourself in a Visitor's Shoes

With a drone, you can enter the building for the first time remotely and see the space through a first-person viewpoint. This way, you can imagine the impression that a prospective customer or visitor will get the moment they walk in the door. You can travel through the entire office building and see 360-degree views of common areas.


5. Visiting Any Time of the Day

Drones can fly any time of the day or night, giving you the ability to check out an office space or warehouse whenever you wish. With a drone, you can find out how well lit the parking area is at night, how crowded the lobby gets at peak starting and quitting times and so much more.


6. Accessing New Areas

Because drones are so mobile, they make it possible to see areas of a building you might otherwise never get to look at. A mini drone can give you views of building systems that can give you an idea of how modern and well-maintained various properties are.


If you plan to operate a drone yourself, it is important that you follow all guidelines and regulations. The Federal Aviation Administration has established a set of rules to which all drone operators must adhere. As these rules are subject to change at any time, it is important that you review them before you launch your drone, even if you have already used one in the past. Make sure to prepare in advance, as your drone will likely need to be registered with the FAA before its first takeoff.


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