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Cut CRE Time Up To 95%

They say to "work smarter, not harder." When you're juggling multiple tasks, these are words to live by. With our patented technology, you can put more hours back into your day and more money back into your budget.

Our proprietary technology offers a lot of value—with little effort.

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You're in Control 

Using our patented software, you can define your own criteria, or Key Site Drivers, for potential properties. We’ll use this information to find you multiple properties that match your needs, giving you control and selection.

Our CRE software simplifies site selection.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Our technology lets you zero in on properties you want in your CRE portfolio. Once you know what you're looking for, we'll find it, whether it's a small corporate office or a sprawling warehouse. 

Set your sights on what you want, and we'll find the sites that best suit your needs.

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We'll Jet You There

Scoping out new locations can be a chore, especially with the hassles of commercial travel.  With iOptimize Realty®, when you want to see a location, we'll get you there in comfort and style aboard our own private jet. Talk about saving time!

See the properties you're interested in—and be home in time for dinner.

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