Why Use a Tenant Rep Broker?

You have a lot to do when you’re searching for commercial real estate to rent. The last thing you want to do is add something else to the list, but finding and enlisting the help of a tenant rep broker isn’t something you should skip. Tenant rep brokers are invaluable when you’re securing office space to rent.

Getting the perfect office space isn’t enough. You need to get the perfect office at the best possible price. Having a tenant rep broker by your side can ensure that you do. With their knowledge of the market in your  area, brokers can tell you when a deal is fair, overpriced or a steal. They can alos know best how to negotiate with landlords to improve terms and rental rates. As a result, you’re sure to get the space you want at the right price.

Hiring a tenant rep broker won’t impact your bottom line or make your deal more expensive. Prospective tenants don’t pay tenant rep brokers at all. Instead, the landlord typically covers the cost of brokers’ services. Since there is absolutely no cost to you to reap all of the benefits above, the question really isn’t why should you have a tenant rep broker, but why wouldn’t you?

How We Can Help

With over three decades of representing corporate clients in their leases and renewals, iOptimize Realty® has developed a scientific approach that yields the highest results.

Our research method, coupled with our unbiased representation, allows us to find more sites then a conventional broker. We even let you know the sites that didn’t qualify and why, so you can answer the “What about that building?” question.

iOptimize Realty® provides companies large and small with detailed, clear, thorough and most importantly – unbiased intelligence for their corporate real estate portfolio.  We handle need assessments, HQ location placement, sale-leaseback feasibility studies, strategic warehouse/distribution placement, consolidation, expansion and much more. Our team has over 50+ years combined experience in commercial real estate, and has handled transactions all over the country.


Need Help With Your Next Project?

Whether you’re working on a renewal, looking to expand, or finding a new headquarters, the iOptimize Realty® team can help. Choose what you’re looking for below and tell us a little more about your project!