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Whether you're looking for a corporate office or manufacturing and warehouse space, we slash your CRE spend and find you the best locations.

We know how to get you more for less.

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Resetting Your Rent

A great way to help cut costs is to re-evaluate your current rent to the market. The market can fluctuate and, in just a few years, your lease can be vastly over market.

By resetting, you can take advantage of the current market prices and thus reducing your costs. 

We can help you negotiate below market prices.

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Take Gambling Out of Real Estate Dealing

It's the job and fiduciary responsibility of a listing broker to get landlords the most money. Rather than gamble with your money, get someone on your side who knows how to secure a good deal.

We use a proprietary process to find you the best property and investment value—and can typically knock 30% off market rate. 

We always give you the upper hand.

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Avoid Hidden Gotcha’s

There are many ways landlords attempt to increase the total occupancy cost (TOC) for your commercial lease beyond high rent fees. Hidden fees can make the lease agreement look low-cost—only to give you a big surprise later on.

We sniff out fine-print gotcha's so you can secure a transparent deal.

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Discover Your Options

Unlike big-name brokerages, iOptimize Realty® is an independent tenant representation advisor. We aren’t working for one firm or company—we work for you, along with the best-of-the-best advisors in any market to give you options with intel.

See 3-4 times more properties in much less time.

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