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Right-Size Your CRE Portfolio

Sometimes you need more space and sometimes you need less—but an optimal CRE portfolio doesn't happen by chance. You need experts who provide market intelligence and a strategic plan.

Find your perfect fit with iOptimize Realty®.

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Optimize Your CRE

There's no better time to right-size your CRE than when you're exiting a lease, locating new space, or renegotiating a renewal. But when you've got a full plate, small details are missed and big oversights can happen. We will help reduce your commercial real estate operating expenses and improve your real estate rate of return.

When the pressure is on, so are we.

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Are You Wasting $$$?

A few things to think about:

  • What is your portfolio utilization rate?
  • Do you have re-deployable dollars?
  • Are you ready to eliminate waste now?

We help you answer these questions so you can See, Know & Act!

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See, Know & Act!

Our patented software give you the insight you need to:

See  what you you have and how well you're utilizing it.

Know  how to market your surplus space and get the best price.

Act  quickly to monetize your surplus corporate real estate.


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