How Much Will a Tenant Rep Cost Me?


There are many benefits to having a tenant representative on your side. They only have your best interests in mind. But what would having a tenant rep cost you?


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Typically, nothing.

Landlords will generally cover the tenant rep’s commission. This means you receive the expert due-diligence and market intelligence of a tenant rep at no cost to you.


How does this work? The landlord only succeeds when they have a guaranteed, sustained cashflow for their property. To achieve this, they know that they need credit-worthy tenants and they will reward tenant reps for finding and connecting them. As a result, they will account for brokers fees in their budget.


Essentially, the landlord benefits from the service of a tenant rep. But don’t worry. Tenant reps ONLY work for you. Their fiduciary is to protect you as the corporate tenant and your interests alone.


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