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At iOptimize Realty®, we specialize in negotiating. Whether it's with landlords, or different economic development agencies, we have the experience. By pitting the different agencies against each other, creating a strong competition will ensue and the results are in your favor.


These benefits can greatly offset operating costs and can help your company make more informed and fiscally responsible decisions.


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We Help Our Clients Achieve Maximum Benefits

1. Know Your Options

Create competition and leverage market knowledge to show you the best options.

2. Incentives You Deserve

We can negotiate the maximum economic benefits package for your company.

3. All in One Place

Using our proprietary software, you can have all your important incentives information in one easy to manage place.

Economic Incentives Can Help You Thrive

You Don't Want to Miss Out

If you aren't aligned with an expert who can help you negotiate the right economic development package, you could be missing out on things like:

  • Grants, rebates or utility rate reductions

  • On-site improvements

  • Income, sales and property tax incentives

  • In-kind support for workplace development
  • Infrastructure development assistance 
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Get The Best Incentives...

And Never Fall Out Of Compliance

Tracking and managing benefits is a full time job in itself. The benefits received can be the lifeblood of your project, making the unfeasible into obtainable. Depending on the extent of the benefits, missing deadlines could be catastrophic towards the project at hand.


So, we created a simple, yet powerful, system to help our clients manage their benefits. The system will track what benefits are active, which are completed, and how much was received. With our economic benefit tracking system, you’ll know when forms need to be filed, if any money is due, and when the money was received.


Our system also allows for one manager to delegate work to other team members, thus making a complex benefit process into an easier streamlined team endeavor.

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Let Us Advocate For You

Economic Development incentives are based upon the jobs you bring to a region & the capital expenditures you, your landlord, or the developer spend. We can help you maximize those incentives.

Create Competition

We have the expertise to create competition amongst state & local municipalities for your tenancy or purchase, insuring you get the best package.

Keep Track Throughout The Process

Having all of your economic development data, key dates, and forms in one place is critical. Our economic development incentives software makes it easy.

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We will provide timely, relevant market intelligence to enhance your leverage during economic incentive negotiations.

3. Stay on Track

Using our proprietary software, we can keep track of all of your key dates and data, minimizing your risk of falling out of compliance.

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"One thing that has never wavered with iOptimize Realty® is their commitment to their clients. When all is said and done, I knew I got the best deal that I could get at the best savings, on the terms I wanted."


-Lynne O'Brien, Director of Real Estate at Coca-Cola (Ret.)


"The one thing you don't want is real estate keeping you up at night. I can effectively outsource that to iOptimize and then I don't have to worry about it. The outcome has always gotten me praise, and I didn't have to do too much."


-Sven Doerge, CFO at Standard Elevator


"You need someone who's going to be on your side, someone who's really focused on being your partner, not someone who has a conflict of interest and may have loyalty to the owner of the property or the seller. "


-Mark Manno, CFO at

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