Why Getting an
Economic Development Incentives Package
is Important

First, what are Economic Development Incentive Packages?

Economic development incentives are a key part of state governments. The use their taxing systems to partner with the private sector to keep revenue in their area.

How does this help you? State governments (state, county, and town) want to make sure that the money spent for your business stays in their court. All that money your company would spend on taxes for rent, or employees would go through them. On top of that, the jobs that would remain or even the jobs created, help stimulate the local economy. The new jobs are very enticing to state governments.  Those new employees will need to buy or rent houses and of course use disposable income to furnish their new homes.

States will actively compete for your business. Those governments have their economic development departments put together incentive packages  to sway your company to move to their area.

How can we help?

At iOptimize Realty, we specialize in negotiating. Whether it is landlords or different economic development agencies, we have the experience. By pitting the different agencies against each other, a strong competition will ensue and the results are in your favor. These benefits can greatly offset operating costs and can help your company make a more informed and fiscally responsible decisions.

Learn How iOptimize Realty® Can Help You Secure Economic Incentives Packages

iOptimize Realty’s Proprietary Economic Development Software


Tracking and managing benefits is a full time job in itself. The benefits received can be the lifeblood of your project, making the unfeasible into obtainable. Depending on the extent of the benefits, missing deadlines could be catastrophic towards the project at hand.

Our goal was to create a simple yet powerful system to help our clients manage their benefits. The system will track what benefits are active, which are completed, and how much was received. With our economic benefit tracking system, you’ll know when forms need to be filed, if any money is due, and when the money was received.

Our system also allows for one manager to delegate work to other team members, thus making a complex benefit process into an easier streamlined team endeavor.