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When your office or industrial lease is coming due, you want to make sure you get the right terms, at the right price. Getting it wrong can cost your company millions. You need a True Tenant Rep™ expert on your side to make sure you get the best deal possible.


Your best interests are our only interest.

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Learn How To Save Now

1. Maximize Tenancy Value

Creating competition and leveraging market knowledge to remind your landlord the value of your tenancy.

2. Get Better Terms

Being a desirable tenant gives you the opportunity of deciding which lease terms fit your needs.

3. Achieve Optimal Savings

Landlords will compete for your tenancy, getting you the best deal, with the best terms, at the right price.

You Need to Create Competition for Your Tenancy

Or You Could Be Overpaying

When it comes time to renegotiate your office or industrial lease, you need the same level of due-diligence as if you were looking for space for the first time. If you don't:

  • You Might Not Get The Best Lease Terms

  • You Could Leave Money On The Table

  • You May Miss Out On a Better Location
  • You Will Probably Regret It In The Future
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Save Time & Money With

Stress-Free CRE™

Our True Tenant Reps™ take the stress out of CRE. When you are negotiating complex lease contracts, millions of dollars are on the line. You can't afford to get it wrong. Whether you want to right-size your existing space to your current needs, or keep it as is, we have you covered.


We have 3+ decades of negotiating experience, making sure we get our clients the right terms, at the right price, every time!

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Save Your Company Millions

We cut our client's total cost of occupancy by upwards of 30%. This typically saves our clients millions of dollars.

Save Time - YOUR Time!

Maybe CRE is your primary job. Maybe it's not. Either way, we can save you 90% of the time by taking on 90% of the tasks needed to maximize competition for your company's valuable dollars.

Get The Right Lease Terms

We've negotiated hundreds of complex deals, getting our clients the best terms on their corporate leases.

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Save Time & Money on Your CRE in 3 Easy Steps

1. Reach Out

Schedule a free portfolio analysis call with one of our tenant rep experts.

2. Get on Track

Develop a free customized action plan so you can take charge of your portfolio.

3. Start Saving

Save up to 30% on your commercial real estate costs, while saving 90% of your time.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

"One thing that has never wavered with iOptimize Realty® is their commitment to their clients. When all is said and done, I knew I got the best deal that I could get at the best savings, on the terms I wanted."


-Lynne O'Brien, Director of Real Estate at Coca-Cola (Ret.)


"The one thing you don't want is real estate keeping you up at night. I can effectively outsource that to iOptimize and then I don't have to worry about it. The outcome has always gotten me praise, and I didn't have to do too much."


-Sven Doerge, CFO at Standard Elevator


"You need someone who's going to be on your side, someone who's really focused on being your partner, not someone who has a conflict of interest and may have loyalty to the owner of the property or the seller. "


-Mark Manno, CFO at

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You Need a True Tenant Rep™ On Your Side

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When it's time to renegotiate your office or industrial leases, you want to make sure you have the right team in your corner. 


Reach out to us today, and start saving time, money, and effort on your CRE portfolio.

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