How the IoT Can Benefit Your Office Space

March 2, 2020 Don Catalano Don Catalano

The Internet of Things or IoT is making all types of spaces smarter from factories to warehouses to residential homes. Many companies are also integrating IoT into their offices. While adopting IoT does come with initial startup costs, incorporating smart technologies in your office space can provide a number of benefits that can make the expenses more than worthwhile. Here are some of the biggest benefits that smart offices provide:

1. Reduced Energy Consumption

Equipping your office with smart technology gives you far more control over heating, cooling and lighting. You can set lights to turn off or dim when rooms are not in use and in response to changes in natural light throughout the office. Smart thermostats enable you to precisely regulate the temperature of the office to keep conditions ideal during working hours and to run the HVAC system less at other times. These investments in the IoT can lead to significant energy savings to reduce your utility expenses and make your office greener.


2. Improvements in Efficiency

IoT devices and software can streamline, simplify and automate a large number of housekeeping and administrative tasks that eat up precious time during your employees' daily routines. Examples include sensitive planters that notify you when plants need water and software programs that reserve conference rooms when you step inside. Over time, using the IoT can lead to an overall more efficient office.


3. A Happier Team

Smart technology makes offices bright and highly temperature controlled. As a result, the workplace becomes a more comfortable setting for employees. IoT can benefit employee recruitment, retention and morale.


4. A Big Productivity Boost

Countless studies have found a link between employee morale and productivity. By creating a more comfortable working environment with the Internet of Things, you can foster a more productive team. In addition, smart projectors, interactive boards and other smart communication and collaboration tools can assist employees with a variety of projects.


5. Increased Safety

Security cameras, access control systems and locks can become smart with the IoT. With these new gadgets and software programs, you can make your office more secure for your employees and your physical and intellectual properties.


6. Fewer Missed Work Days

The IoT can positively impact employee health and well-being. With the latest smart technologies, employees may suffer less eye strain and breathe cleaner air throughout the day. Smart furniture like chairs that adjust to improve posture and desks that convert from standing to sitting can address back and neck pain and other concerns.


7. Greater Insight For Your Office

Devices connected to the IoT can provide a wealth of data to help you better analyze your business operations. With this new insight, you can monitor everything from how much paper was used in your printers and copy machines to what areas of your office are rarely used by your team. This information can help you identify areas to reduce waste and costs.


8. Smoother Communications With Building Management

With the IoT, you can expect better communications between your company and the property manager for your building. New technologies make it easier for managers to respond to routine maintenance and emergency repair requests as well as positive feedback and complaints.


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