Office Amenities that Matter in a Post COVID-19 Workplace

May 3, 2021 Don Catalano Don Catalano

In a post-COVID workplace, corporate clients need to start focusing on how they can provide amenities that motivate the return of employees and skyrocket productivity. From regional shutdowns to new remote-work policies, companies have experienced new sets of challenges. In this article, we are going to explore the essential office amenities that every business should have in their post-COVID-19 workplace.


Employee Wellness

Employees will be looking forward to a workplace where personal wellness for workers with resources such as on-site biometric screenings, virtual fitness classes, nutrition counseling, and health & wellness seminars are promoted. Offices should have amenities that provide safe, easy-to-use capabilities that protect property staff, tenants, as well as visitors.


It is expected to see a spike in the demand for workplace amenities post-COVID-19 that are related to supporting mental health and “flexible working”. This could include a robust “flexible working” program that allows staff to work from home as well as providing access to mental health counselors and insurance coverage of online counseling services.


Air Quality

Employee wellness cannot be discussed without referring to modern HVAC and air filtration systems, air quality monitoring, and temperature control sensors. There may also be the need for amenities that provide access to the outdoors.


Contactless Tech

Smart offices are fast becoming the norm, especially with the IoT and building automation systems. As the world continues to shift away from the pandemic, there will be more emphasis on contactless tech.


Reducing Stress

Employers are now focusing on the mental health of their workers. Amenities and design features will become more prevalent in the post-pandemic workplace to help relieve stress and improve productivity. Some studies have proven that the use of natural elements, such as water features and living walls of greenery aid in the reduction of anxiety. There are digital arts and motion graphics that provide similar outdoor moods.


Fostering Community, Connection, and Collaboration

One of the reasons many employees are looking forward to being back in the office is the desire to have more social interactions. Smart employers need to think about how to provide spaces and programs that safely bring employees and customers together. This will require redesigning the office space, as well as communicating real-time information as regards the use of common areas, conference rooms, and fitness centers.


Moving forward, there will be an increase in activity-based workspaces or office space designed for specific in-person tasks. Key workplace settings such as conference rooms will help in fulfilling specific needs that can’t be accomplished via remote work.


Secure Access

Security will be another major focus in a post-pandemic world. Contact tracing systems help organizations to track people moving through a building from the moment they step foot in a building’s parking garage through the entrance and lobby to individual offices.


Employees will expect an enhanced cleaning program for common areas like reception, coffee points, and wellness rooms. Business leaders should also consider better ways to prevent germs and bacteria from circulating throughout touch, air, and water by implementing improvements to HVAC systems and adding UVC lamp systems.


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