Over the past year, there has been a fundamental change in the role of office. The lockdown experience has brought the wide acceptance of remote working and digital workspaces. In this article, we are going to explore how corporate clients can gain clarity on the next generation of office space.



COVID-19 has brought the issue of safety to the forefront. Employees and corporate tenants are interested in how the office will enhance their safety rather than jeopardize it. The next generation of space will focus on creating the perception of safety—which is more critical in encouraging freedom in the workplace. Workplace safety perception refers to employee awareness as regards the knowledge of basic safety, office hazards as well as the implementation of safety processes in the workplace.


To understand the employees’ perception of safety in the workplace, business owners can begin by sending out a neutral and unbiased safety survey. Employees with good safety perception are keen on producing high quality services, save time and are highly efficient.



Having spent some time at home, many employees would want to evaluate where and how they get their best work done. The flexibility that Work-from-Home offers may not be found in the traditional rigid office environment. The next generation of office space will be one that takes into account how employees can get their best work done.


Companies who aim to lead will be focusing on how to balance efficiency and productivity. To begin with, you need to have an idea of what you desire to achieve with your design, square meter by square meter. Which areas do you want to encourage the stimulation of creativity? And where and when do you want to maximize productivity? Once this is known, the office space can now be modified.


Coffee Corner

Traditionally, the coffee corner is the place where people meet. They have been historically small in order to control how much time people spend away from work. However, the future office space will be one that heavily encourages the stimulation of ideas. A large coffee corner will encourage frequent break, and creativity thrives through incubation. Many big organizations have already experimented with this and have had great results. Steve Jobs, for example, build an enormous atrium in the Pixar offices with the aim to have people run into each other all the time.


Creative Use of Color

Some studies have shown that blue, in combination with green stimulates tasks concerning idea generation. Red is important for tasks that require a great level of detailing. The next generation of office space will employ the creative use of color as well as plants and windows. For instance, plants in the office or the possibility to look at a natural environment helps in reducing stress. One of the most important aspects that business owners need to focus on is stress management, especially when it comes to recovering from long meetings or demanding tasks.


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